thistlemilk press is a not-for-profit independent (very) small press based in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2014 with a love for poetry and the queer DIY spirit at heart, all our books are handmade in close collaboration with emerging artists to ensure the finished product is a meaningful extension of their work. 

We focus on chapbooks as an art form because of their concise nature (20-40 pages) and affordability. Just as with zines, chapbooks were distributed to disseminate ideas– as a means of exploration, dissent, and liberation. Historically sold and handed out on the street, they are meant to be accessible to everyone. Chapbooks are also an excellent way for artists to assemble pieces that may not fit into their larger body of work.  


behind the scenes

Shasha Pang Léonard (any pronouns) is a French-raised, half Chinese multidisciplinary artist and writer. They founded Thistlemilk Press in their senior year at Pratt Institute during the winter of 2014. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, and handles submissions, design, and production. 

Shelby Cook (she/her) is a poet from New Jersey based in NY. She is a consulting editor and full time moral support. She tweets here.