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Muted Pink by Beck


Muted Pink is the de-icing of memories that float softly to the surface of girlhood past. This collection of short form poetry, illustrated by Nina Tritscher, is the knot in your throat the first time you fall in love. It is the unyielding wood of the pew against your knees. It is the breathlessness of running as hard as you can towards a version of yourself that might just be free. These vignettes hold repression up to the light, in memorium, in honor, and in strength, and then put them back down into the soil, giving way to bloom after bloom after bloom.
Beck is a queer writer residing in Nashville, TN with their cat and collection of Scooby Doo memorabilia. Her free verse poetry is centered around articulating what had previously only been captured with photographic memory. They can be found on all platforms as @freakinthemomjeans, after the podcast they host.
First 20 copies sold included a 6x4 postcard of the poem "Perennial"
32 pages
6.25 x 4.5in
First edition of 60
All profits to the poet and illustrator