Image of UNIPORN by Shelby Cook

UNIPORN by Shelby Cook


UNIPORN is not going to hold your hand, be your friend, or wipe your tears away at night. UNIPORN is going to make you eat your tv, worship garbage, and love your dad. UNIPORN will sit on your face. The only thing more intimidating than UNIPORN is the poet herself reading from UNIPORN.
UNIPORN's cover features the founding editor, who, contrary to popular belief, is a real person not named Shelby Cook, and is 100% sober in this photo. Her regrets.

Shelby Cook is a person from NJ and a poet based in BK. Her work has been featured in Ubiquitous and All Stars. Shelby is low on vitamin D and often dreams of ca$h money.
She tweets here.

Featured with excerpt on Real Pants at the 2015 CUNY Chapbook Festival.

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