• Image of Winter Sampling 2015

(Includes: Bullhorns in Bed by Ryan Thoresen Carson & Fountain Gun by Nathan Ingham)

Bullhorns in Bed was once spotted by the poet in the hands of a rando on the train and ever since then it has become a good chapbook because its purpose is community and in the hands of the community the chapbook is fulfilled. It is recommended that you shout the sections in all caps in order to achieve the full experience of this chapbook, much like that of marchers in protest. This chapbook is in itself, a protest, and like a protest, your participation is not only significant, but necessary.

Ryan Thoresen Carson is an activist and dedicated member of society. He is a member of Sweet Jungle Collective and YOMO poetry collective. His work has appeared in All Stars, Ubiquitous, and Maps for Teeth. Ryan is also very tall and is known to rock back and forth uncontrollably while reading his poetry. Ryan looks good in a bowler hat, but not so great in a


Fountain Gun should not be considered an appropriate Mother's Day gift. You can find the words 'plank', 'mulch', and 'loaf' in Fountain Gun. There is also a photo of a nice bubble on the cover. What ever else this chapbook contains is an accident and neither the poet or press are responsible for your feelings or lack thereof.

Nate Ingham was born in Wisconsin but did not enjoy cheese, so his family relocated to VERMONT where he can now enjoy icecream. He has nine tattoos and one pair of glasses. He once had green hair but no longer. In all honesty, Nate is just a drummer and as such, not much should be asked of him.